"ᱫᱮᱨᱮᱧ" ᱨᱮᱱᱟᱜ ᱫᱚᱦᱲᱟᱭᱮᱱ ᱛᱟᱞᱟᱨᱮ ᱯᱷᱟᱨᱟᱠ

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ᱥᱟᱯᱲᱟᱣ ᱜᱩᱴ ᱫᱚ ᱵᱟᱹᱱᱩᱜ-ᱟ
[[File:Male impala profile.jpg|thumb|A pair of horns on a male [[impala]]]]
[[File:Anatomy and physiology of animals A horn.jpg|thumb|Anatomy and physiology of an animal's horn]]
==ᱪᱤᱛᱟᱹᱨ ᱠᱚ (Gallery)==
File:Erkencho del norte.jpg|[[Erkencho]], musical instrument made from a horn
File:The three-horned one again.jpg|A [[Hebridean sheep|Hebridean]] [[sheep]] with one horn on one side and two on the other
File:Water buffalo horn (Bubalus bubalis).jpg|Water buffalo horn (''Bubalus bubalis'')
File:Elizabeth Bonté Art Nouveau horn necklace.jpg|Elizabeth Bonté [[Art Nouveau]] horn necklace
File:Hippotragus niger mounted horns.jpg|[[Sable antelope]] mounted horns, at the Zoological Museum, Denmark
File:Horns in museum.jpg|Horns, tusks and antlers in the [[National Museum of Scotland]]


ᱟᱪᱩᱨᱵᱟᱲᱟ ᱢᱮᱱᱩ